LAAS 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Tour

Join your fellow LAAS members for trip to Idaho to view the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017.  The LAAS Eclipse Committee has worked with Travel Escapes to put together a tour package so LAAS members can share the experience together.  The tour will include 3 nights lodging,  a pre-eclipse rehearsal and viewing at a site reserved by the LAAS, and a post-eclipse banquet dinner.   See the LAAS Eclipse flyer for details.

The reservations are being handled by TravelEscapes ( , which is providing a choice of 2 hotels in Idaho Falls, Idaho (Packages A and B in the flyer).  For those who will be making their own sleeping accommodations, Package C is available for those who want to join their fellow LAAS club members for the eclipse (rehearsal and eclipse) and banquet, and Package D  (hyperlink to follow)  is available for those LAAS members and family/guests who wish to access the viewing site only (rehearsal and eclipse).    

Please note that Packages A, B, and C must be reserved through TravelEscapes, while Package D can only be reserved through the LAAS (see links below). 

Reservations Eligibility

Reservations for all participants are open to LAAS members in good standing on a first-come-first-served basis. All members must be current on their dues both at registration and through to the end of the eclipse on Aug 22, 2017. Members who let their membership lapse for more than 3 months will have to reapply as a new member. Check your membership card for membership renewal date.

Non-members may apply to become LAAS members, but there is no guarantee that upon completion of the application process, there will be openings on the eclipse trip. If this should happen, there will be NO refund of the membership dues.

All LAAS membership applications must be approved by the Board of Directors at their regular monthly meeting. The remaining Board of Director meetings for 2016 are: Oct 5th, Nov 9th, and Dec 7th. Applicaions and full payments for new member applications must be received by noon on the Saturday before the Board of Directors meetings (i.e., Oct. 1, Nov. 5, and Dec. 3) in order to be considered for approval.


Package A registration will close on Nov 18, 2016.
Package B registration will close on Mar 24, 2017.
Note that all prices and policies are subject to change after Nov 18, 2016.

LAAS Eclipse Flyer for details:   LAAS Eclipse Flyer

TravelEscapes Reservations:

Package D (viewing site only—no banquet dinner):

LAAS Eclipse T-shirts (one T-shirt/person is included with Packages A, B, C, D) :

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