Login Form Information

The web site contains some members only content.  This content will only be visible to people who have logged in with a valid user ID and password.  A second purpose for the login capability is to allow selected individuals to contribute content to the site.  Only registered users with suitable access rights to the site would be able to do this.  Currently, in addition to the webmasters, the LAAS communications coordinator is the only person with access to create new site content.  Others will be added as needed.

Registrations on the site are performed when requested; no LAAS members will be registered by default.  Any LAAS member wishing to be registered on the site should contact the LAAS webmaster () via e-mail and provide all the following information:

  • Name
  • E-mail address (if different from the address the e-mail is sent from)
  • Requested userID
  • Requested password.

Please note:  Registration requests will be processed only for current LAAS members.  Membership will be verified before a login is created.  Any request from someone who does not appear on the current membership list will be discarded and no response will be sent.

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